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Computer IT Service

Computer IT Outsourcing in Layton, Utah

Located in Layton, Utah … NAV IT is here to handle all your computer needs.  Unlike most IT consultants, we are willing to work off your clock so you can work on it. That way you are not left to watch paint dry while we fix your machine.

Utah IT Outsourcing

IT computer services Off the Clock

Our goal is to keep your company and systems running smoothly and efficiently all the time during regular working hours. To accomplish this, we are willing to work off your clock so you can work on it. By doing so, our technical specialists will be able to take down servers for maintenance, do hardware and software upgrades and so many more things that are necessary to keep your company running but would normally interrupt your working day. This feature along with our onsite support has already been a proven method of efficiency when it comes to networks, desktops, systems, etc.

Onsite computer Support

Herein lies the edge that NAV IT offers over most of the competition. Instead of “stack it deep and sell it cheap” we are interested in only a few Utah-based IT Outsourcing clients that we can gain an ongoing relationship with. We are interested in genuinely getting to know your business and catering our expertise to meet your specific needs. Another way to look at it might be something along the lines of IT service with a personal touch. If you decide New Art & Vision IT Outsourcing is right for you, we will proactively devote up to one day each week to onsite support at no extra charge, depending on the overall size of the company and specific IT needs.

Offsite computer Support

By setting each workstation (including servers) with remote capability, we will be able to access your machines no matter where our technicians might be. That way, should your machine encounter a problem, we can service your needs immediately without making you wait. You can rest assured that technical support will be there whenever you need us during regular working hours as well.

System Security

Of course it goes without saying that we are committed to the security of both your data and also your machines. Because each company is different, we will work specifically with your to ensure data backups, antivirus protection, disk encryption, offsite storage, etc. needs are met and in place. We will also closely monitor your system and machines to be sure security remains intact.