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System Solutions

Computer IT Outsourcing in Layton, Utah

NAV IT understands uptime … and unfortunately also downtime. We prefer computer maintenance over system disaster so you are never faced with a crisis situation.

Utah IT Outsourcing


That old adage (and we almost hate quoting it because it is so cliché) an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure still holds true today. Call it what you want: proactive vs. reactive, preparation vs. disaster, the grasshopper and the ant … it all applies.  Most small to mid-sized businesses are primarily concerned with efficiently doing their jobs.  As a general rule they just “want things to work.”  Following are a few of the many solutions that NAV IT offers as solutions for day-to-day needs:

Email Solutions

NAV IT understands the importance of communication.  Email is essential for most businesses to operate.  NAV IT offers several solutions in this area.  Whether you are currently hosting your own email solution or need help moving it to the cloud, NAV IT can help.  We understand products such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server, Gmail and Google for Business.  We can also assist you in implementing hosted solutions such as Microsoft Office 365.

Hardware Solutions

Located in Layton, Utah … we here at NAV IT understand speed and computer upgrades.  We have built alliances with several companies that offer such products.  One place we differ from several other IT outsourcing companies is the “ordering” philosophy.  In other words … we hate waiting.  Rather than making you wait two or three days because your monitor went out, we have strategically aligned ourselves with a combination of local and mail order companies such that you will never have to wait days for hardware replacement.  Oh, and did we also mention we can do all this for about the same cost that most mail order companies offer?  Bottom line … we’re into saving you both time and money when it comes to your hardware needs.

Software Solutions

NAV IT understands and offers products from companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Trend Micro, Kaspersky and others that are more specific as your needs become such.  Currently we are also working with Citrix and Logmein for remote, desktop and server solutions.  We offer all software and upgrades at competitive prices to the industry.  Because we also understand that your particular business probably operates on a more vertical platform than industry standard software covers … we are very open to working with your specific needs.  For example, many dental offices operate with Dentrix and other software packages specific to their needs.  Should your company decide to partner with us, we are extremely interested in learning your specific needs so we can support them.  Trust us when we say we are FAST learners.  This is yet another reason why our overall philosophy is to take on only a few good clients so that we can support your specific industry needs.