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Technical Expertise

Computer IT Outsourcing in Layton, Utah

Buzz words like cloud technology and remote desktop are more prevalent computer terms these days. We understand and can offer solutions to meet those needs.

Utah IT Outsourcing

VOIP Phone Systems

Business phones are a big deal. For most businesses … they are the backbone of industry. NAV it can set your business up right with both voice on data. Whether your offices are in one location or many. Whether you have individuals working from home. NAV it can set up a phone system to meet your needs. When done right, the combination of voice and data has the ability to make your employees feel like they are in the cubicle next door even if they are actually half-way round the world.

Staying Current

Our staff is committed to doing whatever it takes to not only take care of your existing needs but also help you integrate new technologies as they emerge. We offer a myriad of services, suggestions and products to accomplish this ongoing task. It goes without saying that the last thing your company needs is to be left in the dust by your competition.

The Cloud

There really is a lot of hype about this topic these days. We here at NAV it is familiar with cloud-based strategies and can offer solutions that best fit your needs. Perhaps stability and mobility are two of the strongest qualities that your business stands to gain by adopting cloud-based strategies. Of course, that all needs to be weighed against the cost of implementation. We can help!

Getting the Word Out

If you are in an industry that requires a bit of horn blowing to grow your customer base, we understand that concept very well. Above and beyond all the suggestions offered in our solutions section … here are a few more services that, well, we’ve frankly become pretty good at:

Website Development

Turns out we have developed and marketed a myriad of sites for different customers in a variety of industries. Our staff has been directly involved in the advertising arena for several years. We understand what it takes to get a successful website off the ground and also just how profitable of a tool that website can become if managed right … which brings us to our next topic …

Website (SEO) Marketing

That’s right … having a well-designed, professionally developed web presence is only half the battle. The fact is … your website might as well not even exist if nobody knows about it. We are interested in partnering with your business and are confident we can help you rise to the top of your industry by offering suggestions, working with your team or (if you don’t have a web development team) flat out constructing and marketing your web presence for you. You see? Herein lies yet another reason for having our staff onsite at your business one day each week.