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Do You Color Cue?

Introducing Color Cues, the popular new iPhone and Android app by NAVit and Pedestrian Crossing Games

NAVit Entertainment and Pedestrian Crossing Games present Color Cues, an exciting new game that will leave you wanting more … or not … you decide. The popular new game app is currently available for the iPhone and iPad in the iStore, or if you have an Android … don’t despair. You can download it for FREE in the Google Play store.Your mission, should you decide to accept, is to match as many colors as possible while beating a beastly timer along the way.  Get real good at it and you can dominate the world as a master matcher of color.  To learn more, play the video on the right and heck out the screen grabs below …

Color Cues was recently endorsed by the American Brain Council as a game app that is good brain food for players of all ages. In fact, Color Cues is a popular game among seniors and is instrumental in improving cognitive skills and brain enhancement. In other words … it increases brain power for players of all ages. You can learn more about the American Brain Council here. Also, be sure and check out their cruise coming up in 2015, an exciting event you won’t want to miss!


One More Thing …

By the way, we have more information about Color Cues, NAV it and Pedestrian Crossing games on facebook. Feel free to head on over there and check us out if you feel so inclined.

In the meantime … enjoy Color Cues!

Onward and upward –
The NAV it Staff